Health VS Health & Wellness

When one thinks of wellness, he/she normally thinks of the state in which their body is in, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, etc. In turn, wellness itself “refers to not just physical health but emotional, spiritual, and social issues also.” In other words, it covers the overall health of a person, instead of just narrowing in on one specific area, and/or part, of that person’s being. In contrast, health and wellness “generally refers to promoting good health and reducing the risk of disease with a holistic approach.” This also considers a wide range of factors that stray away from just the physical. The biggest difference, however, between the two stems from the fact that one takes a more preventive measure by “promoting good health”, while the other refers to the issues themselves.

As a result, there are eight dimensions of wellness that help us to get a better understanding of what wellness is, in addition to the kind of topics that it focuses on. This helps us to not only narrow in but to see just how big a part that wellness plays in each and every area of our lives. These eight categories are listed as follows; “financial, intellectual, occupational, social, physical, environmental, spiritual, and emotional.” When individuals focus on each of these, it can have a major influence in a person’s overall health. But the disadvantage takes place when the individual focuses on one since that leaves room for other categories to go astray. That’s why it’s important to have a balance between all eight and be able to recognize which areas are beginning to falter so that necessary changes can be made; this is where health and wellness come in.

Health and wellness focuses more on implementing the necessary steps and/or putting forth the right amount of action towards each category. In other words, one can’t just expect change to take place on its own. Instead, they have to be ready and willing to put forth the effort; doing so brings about a plethora of health benefits. One example of this can be seen when one adds beneficial nutrients to their diet, all while making sure it’s well balanced, and full of the right foods – to help aid in healthy digestion. In turn, health is “a state of being” while wellness is “a state of living a healthy lifestyle.” As a result, when you put the two together, you aren’t just focusing on the state at which your body is already in, or the kind of lifestyle that you’re living; instead, you’re focused on both, making for a happier and healthier you, that you not only recognize but actively pursue.

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